Supply Control

Marinas management

Hermes allows you to save money and take care of the environment

Supply Control with Hermes

Hermes (High Efficiency Remote MEtering System) is a comprehensive management supply system based on radio frequency that can manage any type of marinas installation. Its functionality can be configured according to the client's need.

Remote supplies management

Remotely managing and controlling the marinas from any place with internet connection. You can reduce the maintenance costs and ease the management.

Courtesy light dimming at night

In the late night hours, when there are less people on the marinas, dimming lights can save up to 60% of annual costs.

Schedules and reports

Accurate notifications and consumption reports in form of tables and graphs allow a successfully marinas monitoring.

Individual towers and boats control

It is possible to control and manage each tower and boat individually, and receive reports on its functioning and status as well. Boats owners can manage their own resources.

Current leakage detection

Current leakage monitoring allows detecting damage in cables.

Fast fault detection

Alerts on changes in voltage or other electricity related problems are received more quickly helping to provide the best experience at the marinas.

Work tracking and inventory

Tracking materials, objects and activities helps to easy and fast carry inventory saving a lot of time.


Boats owners can prepaid remotely for their supplies at the marinas

Supplies accounting

Remotely readable water and electricity make the job easier and reduce maintenance costs.