New technologies with a skillful team support

Interfaces Hombre Máquina Avanzados (IHMAN) is a technology company founded in 2002, whose primary mission is the highly engineered development for business and industry.


The company develops two work areas. On the one hand control systems, particularly in monitoring networks and wireless self-configurable where we are specialists on ultra-low-power systems, location and navigation 'Indoor' etc, and on the other hand we develop virtual reality, with archaeological reconstruction, stereoscopic vision systems and so on. These technologies together with database management and Internet control allow us to develop many diverse and highly complex projects.

IHMAN is made by a team of Telecommunications and Computer Science engineers who have worked in many different subjects. The high level training required to manage and combine these new technologies are very high barriers, but our team exceeded all expectations. These features make IHMAN one of the companies with greater capacity to carry out the entire development process of a complex project.


In its effort to offer services with added value and friendly environment, IHMAN has implemented a Quality Management and Eco-Friendly System which is based on the following principles:

  • Conform to the system requirements and continuously improve the company possibilities.
  • Conform to legal and specific company requirements requirements relate to environmental aspects.
  • Preventing environmental pollution and designing equipment as efficient as possible with respect to energy consumption.
  • Involve all staff in the management system, participating in the detection of errors, proposing improvements, staff training, etc.


All IHMAN staff are involved to act on these premises, which will make our company be recognized for working in an environmentally friendly, socially responsible and sustainable over time, while maintaining stringent levels of quality in their products and services. The policy is regularly reviewed.