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Smart City

Smart Connected Networks

Lighting, Water meters, Electrical supply

IHMAN's Network

Our network is based on something that is already spread along every city: Street Lights

Do you want to imagine how everything is connected? Do you want to check how huge is your network? Go to the top of a hill and gaze at your city.

Each street light acts as a network routing node and contributes to the widespread propagation of the smart city wireless network! Our free band wireless infrastructure can influence social and economical growth, and accelerate the achievement of the smart city main goals.

How all this came up?

Well, city lights require an utterly huge amount of resources

  • High energy consumption.
  • Humans for the maintenance are expensive.
  • No insights about what, when and where.
  • No control of lighting.

The city get a huge cost of labor, time spent, consumption, etc; and the citizen suffer from taxes, bad services, poor lighting, etc.

So, we created a smart wireless module:

  • Remote controlled
  • Plug & Play
  • Able to dim its light intensity thus resulting in energy saving and lower light pollution.
  • Able to dispatch alarms in case of malfunctioning.
  • Able to collect data and statistics about its functioning.
  • Without data transmission costs (FREE)".
  • Able to connect with third parties' sensors and transmit their information along the network.

How does it work?

  • Wireless chip (6x5cm) installed in lamps.
  • 1 hub every 1000 chips.
  • 1 app to control your city (cloud based).
  • Can be retrofit in 90% of existing lights.

Comparison with competitors

Develop this technology took us more than 2 years with an experience of 11 previous years in intelligent narrowband networks. Our systems have now been in production for more than 8 years.

#City TouchIntelilightOSRAM SLCManaged NightSWARCO CitylightCitySenseCitylightTegis lightingTelensa PLANetHELIOSHERMESHEXIoT
Electrical Panels
Light/Nodes P2P (wired)
Light/Nodes P2P (wireless)
Over 2500 lights
Free data transmission
Plug & Play
Remote firmware update (OTA)"
Up to 16 time schedules
Astronomical clock in each node
Ultra-low consumption
Verified end-to-end commands
Setting ramp times to prevent glare
Electrical and water supplies
Sensors, multiservice and easy to develop third-parties applications