Ethical Code

The difference between 'right' and 'wrong'"

Interfaces Hombre Máquina Avanzados (IHMAN) is a technological company borned from the investigator personal of UMA and is now located at the Technological park of Andalucía, where a group of professionals, men and women, with a strong compromise on projects execution, put all their efforts in value, talent,creativity and energy, developing an enthusiastic work to acchieve the success of our clients.

Our MISSION develop high engineering projects to companies and industry through the integration of excelency and social responsibility in our strategies.

We have a VISION, that is to be a company of national reference at the creation of high engineering projects at the Excelency and social responsability areas, and contribute to the sustainable development of our environment, through a change at the culture of organizations and at its way of realation with society.

In this way, we want that people that work in our company share some important VALUES:

  • Honesty and responsability in our proposals, decisiong making and actions.
  • Have the capacity of generate emotions.
  • Innovation at all processes, products and services.
  • The error as an improvement oportunity.
  • Equality, respect to the diversity, and conciliation between professional and workable life.

This document affects all people that work or colaborate with Interfaces Hombre Máquina Avanzados SL, and reflects the principles, values and behaviors of people from Interfaces Hombre Máquina Avanzados SL to its stakeholders and will guide decision making in the operations, and management of the company.

In relation to Human Rights

We are committed, explicitly, to respect, defend and promote international agreements, applicable law and the principles connected to human rights.

Interfaces Hombre Máquina Avanzados S.L. is attached to the Global Compact (Global Compact) and is committed to compliance with the 10 principles that regulate it, and to report regularly on actions developed in this field.

In relation to the Company and our Local Community

Every company has an impact on the community in which they operate.

We are committed to our environment, our community, and put all our efforts to be perceived as a company of 'good citizenship'.

We want to contribute to economic and social development of our environment through job creation, development of integrative social action activities, communication and information accurate and relevant in relation to our business.

In relation to the People of the Organization

We are an organization of people, and they are absolutely the reason for what we do.

The respect for individuals, their opinions, their values, and diversity, are the foundation that govern our relationships, not existing any type of discrimination for reasons of gender, religion, race, sexual orientation.

We believe in equal opportunities, and we apply it in all organizational processes, including careful use of language.

We respect and seek to increase the rights, benefits, social work, health and safety at work.

The reconciliation between work, personal and family will be a permanent objective, through proper organization of work, and through creative solutions.

Develop the talent of people is to develop the talent of the organization, and we are committed to lifelong learning, innovation, teamwork, participation and communication, through the creation of space, time, and processes that allow.

Respect for labor rights, trade union and collective bargaining for workers.

In relation to our clients

We are a customer oriented company.

We are committed to develop quality products and services, stringent legal requirements, and generate value, because we firmly believe that the success of our customers, lies at the success of our organization.

We will be honest in our relationships with our customers, give truthful information, and be independent at decisions making.

We guarantee the confidentiality of all data and information from our clients during our relationship with them and also after it.

We will try our best to maintain good communication, understand the needs, expectations and satisfaction of our customers, incorporating them into our management and develop the necessary actions to maintain their trust and loyalty.

We will try to make our current and potential customers feel proud to work with our company.

In relation to Competition

We believe in honest cooperation and extend it to relations with the companies that provide services in our area.

We will assure to establish conditions of collaboration, equality and respect.

In relation to the Environment

We are explicitly committed to respect, defend and promote international agreements, applicable law, principles related to the environment, and to contribute to the sustainability of our environment.

Interfaces Hombre Máquina Avanzados S.L. will identify its key environmental aspects and impacts, and develop actions aimed at eliminating and / or reduce them. Also, we will work to disseminate, promote and raise awareness in the implementation of good environmental practices among our stakeholders.

In relation to the Shareholders

We commit ourselves to make all our decisions and actions in order to increase the sustainability and competitiveness of our company.

Relationship with Shareholders will be honest, with great respect, and providing clear information on objectives and results of the company.

In relation to our Partners

Our partner, are our allies, and are a key element in achieving our MISIÓN, and our VISIÓN.

We are committed to build an honest relationship, and an ongoing creation of value, based on trust and mutual benefit.

In relation to the Providers

The relationship with our suppliers will be clear, and with mutual respect.

We want to be perceived as an attractive customer, that fulfills its commitments, and perform its payments.

We also want vendors to respect our principles and values as well as legislation social, economic and environmental material.

Management of the code

Interfaces Hombre Máquina Avanzados S.L. commits to set up an Ethics Commission in which participate not only the people in our organization but also Groups of interests in order to regulate and manage the communications related to the Code of Ethics. We commit to develop, and implement the processes, documents and records needed for effective deployment of this Code.

We commit to promote this Code to all Stakeholders in an efficient way, and thus, a channel of communication via email to communicate any comments, incidence or the non-fulfillment of the code.